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Squeaky Brakes

This can be caused because of a lot of different problems.

The most common one we are seeing is since asbestos has been removed from the brake linings (for health reasons) the manufacturers are experimenting with the composition of the brake linings. This in turn is hard to come up with a composition which is as good as asbestos. While the compositions are more environmentally friendly sometimes they don’t have the same anti squeak characteristics of the older style brake pads.

We are finding some brands of brake pads suit different vehicles and if there is an ongoing problem we have found the Bendix brand will generally rectify this problem.

It is also advisable to always machine discs in order to help these new age brake pads to bed in a lot quicker and easier.

In finishing if your brakes are squeaky or noisy you should always get them checked, so we can make sure they are safe to be driven on and not just a bit squeaky.

Brake Shudder

This is where you feel a pulsation through the steering wheel or the car itself while braking. To rectify this problem the brake discs will need to be machined.

While driving a vehicle your brakes are subjected to a lot of different conditions and general wear and tear, a common bad condition which causes brake disc deterioration is in normal driving your brakes get hot and you may then go through some water e.g. rain or a puddle going from hot to cold quickly is what distorts these metal disc rotors and they then need to be machined flat again.

Clutch Repair And Service

As far as clutch servicing goes, there is not a lot you can do.
If you have a hydraulic clutch, it is a good idea to change your hydraulic fluid every 20,000 kms or two years (same as brake fluid).
If you have a cable clutch it can be adjusted as your clutch wears.
If you have a hydraulic clutch it will adjust automatically as your clutch wears.
If you have any clutch shudder on take off, this can be attributed to a distorted flywheel which will have to be machined and usually your clutch replaced.
If it is slipping on take off or change of gear, providing adjustment doesn’t rectify the problem you have to have the clutch changed and the flywheel machined.

These are the most common brake & clutch problems we encounter in cars but if you have any other problems please feel free to contact us.

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