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If you service my new vehicle, do I retain my factory warranty?

Yes, we service the vehicle as per the log book schedule and stamp the log book.

How often should I service my vehicle. I only seem to do a few thousand klm’s a year?

Every 6 months or 10,000Klms, whichever comes first.

Do you do repairs as well as servicing?

Yes, we do a very wide range of repairs. See our Products and Services.

Do you stand by your workmanship?

Yes, any problems resulting from faulty workmanship will be taken care of as soon as possible and with the least inconvenience to customer.

My brakes are worn. Will the discs need machining?

For optimum brake performance it is better to machine the discs because it does help with the brake pad bedding in process. Also it helps the brakes stay quieter for a longer period.

Do different cars use different engine oils?

Yes they do. While a lot of vehicles will use the same types of oils a lot do vary greatly and you should check manufacturers specifications before use.

My steering wheel is shaking at 100 kph but I just had a wheel alignment?

Providing the steering and suspension systems are okay and the wheel alignment was done correctly, you will find you need a front wheel balance to rectify the problem.

When is it a good time to get rid of my car before it starts costing too much money to run?

Generally once a vehicle gets to approx. 10 years old, more and more components will start to fail and the vehicle will become less reliable and more costly to run. But of course this will depend greatly on budget restraints.

Do you work on Saturdays or after hours. I can’t get my car there during working hours?

No, we don’t work on Saturdays. This is why we provide a pick up and/or delivery service to enable us to work on your vehicle while you’re at work or home, so it is minimum inconvenience to your routine.

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