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Log Book Servicing

A log book service is a regular check up and service as specified by the manufacturer.

Each service is carried out at defined intervals and recorded in the vehicle’s log book. Completing these services ensures compliance with your vehicle’s statutory warranty and keeps your car performing optimally.

A log book contains all the information about your vehicle’s servicing requirements after purchasing a new car.

It advises the mechanic exactly what needs to be inspected and serviced at each servicing interval. It is a good idea to read your log book so you are familiar with your car’s servicing requirements.

Qualified To Complete Log Book Servicing

By law you are allowed to choose a mechanic qualified to carry out the log book servicing. It does not need to be the dealer you purchased the vehicle from.

We are continually keeping up to date with education and training on modern vehicle technologies.

Logbook Services Includes Checking

  • oil and oil filter
  • air filter
  • fluid levels
  • oil leaks
  • battery
  • coolant level and cooling system
  • hoses
  • drive belts
  • suspension and bushes
  • exhaust system
  • brake lines, brake hoses and brake disc pads
  • tyre pressure
  • rotate tyres
  • road test

Your Log Book Is Updated By

  • checking off all items specified
  • signing and stamping the logbook
  • maintaining the manufacturer’s statutory warranty requirements
  • providing a written report

Our workshop is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and our team are fully trained in all makes and models of new cars and technology to repair and service your vehicle to the highest standards.

We understand the expense of taking your vehicle to a dealer for log book servicing, which is why we provide a trusted and reliable service at the best possible price.

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