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Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Are You Buying A Used Car?

Is it time to get a new everyday driver or maybe a second car?

We can do a pre-purchase inspection for you to check the mechanical health before you buy, to give you peace of mind.

For further information about buying a used car there are some useful websites for what to look out for and what checks you should do, including the Queensland Government one.

Engine Reconditioning

Our primary service is engine rebuilding. When your vehicle’s engine gets to a certain point, a reconditioned engine is the surest way to get years more quality service from it. We employ a number of methods at our Nerang workshop including head machining, bead blasting, pressure testing and rebore and honing.We use all new parts to return your old engine back to its fully functional, as-new condition long motor!  

Fast turnaround

When your livelihood relies on a vehicle, having it out of commission for extended periods just isn’t an option. Abbott Engine Reconditioning prides itself on a quick turn around time, meaning that you’ll get back on the road before you know it. Keep your work vehicle in top working order with Gold Coast Automotive Services

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Engine reconditioning you can trust

If you rely on your vehicle for work or family commitments, then one of your top priorities would be reliability. If your workhorse or people mover is starting to show signs of its age, then Gold Coast Autmotive is here to help. Give us a call in Nerang and speak to one of our team about rebuilding your engine today.


Long-lasting results

We understand the importance of having a fully reliable vehicle, whether for business or family purposes. Our engine rebuild services in Southport come with an expectation of longevity; as long as your reconditioned engine is regularly serviced, we expect that it will see many more years of solid performance.

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